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Te Matiti Cafe, Otago Business School


Te Matiti roughly translates to: 'the tree where people gather to seek nourishment.' A fitting name for the cafe space within the new Otago Business School. We played with 3D logos, block price boards and simple colours to create a look but enough identity to stand out. Using Autex Vertiface & Cube we brought texture in to the main brand walls. The 90% post consumer recycled material helped soften the large scale logos verses more traditional hard substrates, giving them a tactile quality. The slotted block price board creates a focus for the back wall, its versatility means the team can update their selection easily when needed and add in any promotions or messages. The coffee machine wrap brings in a more literal interpretation of the Te Matiti definition, which works well to provide a point of interest on the counter and pull the colour palate in the cafe together.





What Our Client Said

We chose Miller Creative Group for this project because we have worked with them before, their proven record gave us confidence with branding the new café site. They listened to what we wanted and were able to turn around the concept quickly, delivering a stand out combination of design innovation and excellent communication.

Martin Jones
Operations Manager, University Union

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